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Accessibility Statement

The Issaquah School District is committed to providing access to all individuals visiting our websites, including persons with disabilities. If you cannot access content on one of our websites because of a disability, have questions about content accessibility or technology used by the District, or would like to report problems accessing information on this website, please email and describe the following details in your message:

  1. The nature of the accessibility needs
  2. The URL (web address) of the content you would like to access
  3. Your contact information

We will attempt to provide the information requested and seek to correct any accessibility issues on our websites. 

Formal Grievance Process

Any person who believes the Issaquah School District has failed to provide reasonable accommodation or discriminated against them because of their disability may discuss their grievance with the District's Civil Rights Compliance Officer within 30 days of the incident. If the individual feels they cannot approach the Compliance Officer because of their involvement in the alleged discrimination, the individual may directly contact the Superintendent of the Issaquah School District before pursuing formal procedures.

The Compliance Officer or designee will attempt to informally resolve the complaint and shall notify the complainant within thirty (30) calendar days of a proposed resolution. If the discussion with the officer or Superintendent does not resolve the issue, the individual may proceed to the formal review procedures of District Regulation 5010. During the course of the informal process, the District will notify complainant of their right to file a formal complaint.

The District's Civil Rights Compliance Officer, Amanda Dorey, may be contacted at 425-837-7056.