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VOICE mentor volunteering with student


Volunteers contribute greatly to the success of students and schools in the Issaquah School District, and we greatly appreciate those who give their valuable time and knowledge to help our students continue to grow and learn. 

VOICE Mentor program logo

VOICE Mentor Program

Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE) is an in-school mentoring program that pairs caring adults or high school-aged volunteers with students for one-on-one, supportive relationships. We provide mentors for students at all grade levels at all 26 schools.

Issaquah PTSA logo

Issaquah PTSA

For over 120 years, PTA has been a child focused organization providing a strong voice for children, helping hands for child and family centered activities, enrichment, and a funding source for programs and other classroom tools.

Issaquah Schools Foundation logo

Issaquah Schools Foundation

The Issaquah Schools Foundation, in partnership with the Issaquah School District, drives resources to help all students achieve the promise of their potential. Visit ISF's website for information on giving, their programs, news, and more.

Logo with three hand prints, saying "Attendance Matters" with the subtitle "every student, everyday"

Community Engagement Board (CEB)

The Community Engagement Board is a group of volunteers, working in partnership with school district staff, that meets with students and their families to understand barriers to attendance. The board makes recommendations to students, parents and the school district with the goal of improving a student’s attendance record.