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You belong in PTA, and so do your relatives, neighbors and friends. Spread the word!

For over 120 years, PTA has been a child focused organization that has been a strong voice for children, helping hands for child and family centered activities, providing enrichment, and a funding source for programs and other classroom tools that reflect the priorities of the community.

Learn why joining PTA will have value to you!

Each of our 27 PTAs/PTSAs across the Issaquah School district are focused on the needs and priorities of their own communities, offering voice, lending a hand and focusing on goals for children. 

Support these efforts by joining your PTA. Membership makes your PTA strong and builds a chain of support throughout the district, state, and nation. Volunteering is not required, but getting involved makes that chain stronger. With your help, we support the PTA’s mission to Make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

PTSA Council

Issaquah PTSA Council 2.6

We advocate for children at the local and state levels; build strong PTAs/PTSAs; and provide collaborative opportunities between PTAs/PTSAs, the school district, and other community organizations.

SpEd PTSA Logo

Issaquah Special Education PTSA

We are the newly formed Issaquah Special Education PTSA 2.6.13. We represent teachers, students and families across all Issaquah School District schools. Membership opens August 8!

Parentwiser logo

ParentWiser is a non-profit organization which serves as the parent education committee of the Issaquah PTSA Council. We host local and nationally-known experts who share the latest information on effective parenting with caregivers of the ISD. Through lectures, webinars, discussions, and documentary films we offer resources to support parents in raising healthy and confident K-12 students.

We are funded through a partnership of the Issaquah Schools Foundation, Swedish Medical Center, Issaquah PTSA Council and Overlake Medical Center & Clinics.

Please visit the ParentWiser webpage to learn more

Visit your school’s PTA/PTSA website

Renew your membership from last year, join as a new member, donate or sign up to volunteer for each of your children’s schools. You can do it all at once from this page, or you can revisit this page with each online verification run through for all of your children.

Elementary Schools

Apollo Elementary Logo - icon only
Briarwood Logo - icon only
Cascade Ridge Elementary Logo - icon only
    Cascade Ridge
Cedar Trails Elementary Logo - icon only
    Cedar Trails
Challenger Elementary Logo - icon only
Clark Elementary Logo - icon only
Cougar Ridge Elementary Logo - icon only
    Cougar Ridge 
Creekside Elementary Logo - icon only
Discovery Elementary Logo - icon only
Endeavour Elementary Logo - icon only
Grand Ridge Elementary Logo - icon only
    Grand Ridge
Issaquah Valley Elementary Logo - icon only
    Issaquah Valley
Maple Hills Elementary Logo - icon only
    Maple Hills 
Newcastle Elementary logo - icon only
Sunny Hills Elementary logo - icon only
    Sunny Hills 
Sunset Elementary Logo - icon only

Middle Schools

BLMS Logo - icon only
    Beaver Lake 
Cougar Mountain Middle School Logo - icon only
        Cougar Mountain
Issaquah Middle School Logo - icon only
    Issaquah Middle
Maywood MS Logo - icon only
PCMS Logo - icon only
    Pacific Cascade 
PLMS Logo - icon only
    Pine Lake

High Schools

Gibson Ek High School Logo - icon only
    Gibson Ek 
Issaquah High School Logo - icon only
        Issaquah High
Liberty HS Logo - icon only
Skyline HS Logo