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School Breaks and Summer Camp

What is Club Connection?

Club Connection is the Issaquah School District's break care and summer camp program operated by Before and After School Care (BASC). Club Connection is designed to provide unique enrichment opportunities to children ages 5 to 11, which are structured around our participant's individual interests and capitalize on the special talents of our team members.

Within each of the centers, our team plans a program that is developmentally appropriate, encourages child initiated activities, and results in outcomes that spark new interests. We strive to stimulate growth and development of the whole child, including the development of social skills and promotion of pride in accomplishments.

Our approach to selecting and scheduling activities takes into account the realities of the child's daily life; allowing plenty of time to relax, initiate play and move through the centers at a comfortable pace. In all activities, children are encouraged to experiment, create and explore.

At Club Connection there is always a balance between child and team member initiated activities, free play and organized events, quiet and active experiences.