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All School Age Care locations currently have a wait list. Please do not re-add your child to the wait list, you only need to add it one time. 

The Before and After School Care (BASC) Program maintains a "standing wait list" to fill vacancies. New families are added to the list for the school of their choice based on the date they submit their wait list paperwork. All families interested in joining the BASC Program must submit their information by clicking on the "join our wait list" button.

When a spot opens up, you will receive and email from the BASC Office offering you a chance to register your child. Parents who are notified of an opening have one week to respond to the BASC Office. The family will then receive a registration link and will need to complete a registration form. 

The first day of BASC services begins for the new family when the proper registration forms and student records are completed. If a family declines the offer for services, but would like to remain on the wait list, they will be placed on the bottom of the wait list for the school they have requested. 

If you have already joined the wait list, and have questions, please email Michelle Morrison