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EDA Routes- Extended Day Activity Routes

Our EDA bus routes and stops have been streamlined for the 2023-2024 school year. The distance from the EDA stop to home may have increased for some students. The stops on these routes are intended to be generalized metro style bus stops, bringing students back to their general areas. These are not the same as a "To/From" bus routes or bus stops. As parents and guardians, we ask that you ensure your student has a safe and reasonable walk from the designated group stop. If they do not, please meet the bus and transport your child the rest of the way. Individualized stops are not available on EDA Routes.

Activity routes are open to all middle school students and high school students staying after school for academic reasons. Students and parents will need to look at the routes for their school and choose the route and stop location that is closest to their home address. Students will need to go to their school office to get a pass to ride an activity route.

Last day for EDA routes is June 6, 2024.

EDA Routes- Extended Day Activity Routes 2023-2024