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Attention Parents and Students

Only routes for the 2022-2023 school year are currently viewable. 2023-2024 school year routes will not be viewable until mid-August 2023. If your student is not currently an ISD student attending school, you will not be able to login to Elink until mid-August 2023.

For current 2022-2023 routes, please read the directions and then login using the link below. Routes will continue to be adjusted as necessary to accommodate school schedules and the capacity of buses on their runs. Parents will be notified any time schedule changes are necessary. Please have students at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to their stop time. Buses will not wait for late students.

Accessing alternative bus routes/snow stops

The Emergency Transportation Bulletin (ETB) for the 2022-2023 school year is now available on our website. Once on the bulletin page, select the image (available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean) and scroll to the second page of that document. All families will receive a hard copy of the ETB in their mailboxes. The electronic version on our website and the paper copy that you’ll receive in the mail include information about school delays, closures and program cancellations. It also shares the locations of alternate bus routes and stops, which we may utilize due to snow, ice or other inclement weather.

If you can't find your neighborhood on the bulletin, then your route will be at the normal location. If schools are facing a delayed opening, the pick-up time is adjusted by one or two hours from the regular pick up time.

Please note: Elementary aged students must have a parent, guardian, approved sibling, or adult present at the snow stop to receive them. Elementary students will not be allowed to disembark the bus without an approved person present.

Please see the link to the SNOW E-link below to look up your student's snow route stop.

E-LINK login procedure to find your bus route

Username and password

  • Your username will follow this format: studentfirstname.studentlastname If the student has more than one first or last name, the system will put either a space or a hyphen between the names.  Please look at how your student's name is entered in Family Access to determine if it is a space or hyphen.

    • jennifer.lang for a student named "Jennifer Lang"
    • jennifer.lang smith or jennifer.lang-smith for a student named "Jennifer Lang Smith"
  • Your password will be the student's date of birth in this format: MMDDYYYY . Please note that the password does not contain any dashes or periods.

    • 03152015 for a student born on March 15, 2015

Access to E-link to look up regular routes and SNOW E-link to look up inclement weather stops

Click here to access E-Link to look up your student's regular bus route information. (SNOW E-link is below)

Click here to access Snow E-Link to look up your student's snow route bus stop location.

Please have your student at the snow route stop 5 min prior to their normal bus stop time unless there is a school delay. If there is a delay, your pick up time is one or two hours after your normal bus stop time. Please have your student dressed for the weather. It is the goal to have the buses arrive on time to the snow route stops but delayed buses are a possibility. If the alternate stop is used in the morning for pick up, the same location will be used in the afternoon for drop off.

Once logged in, click "students" from the menu at the top

Click "View My Students"

Select your student

Bus information will display. There will also have the option to print a PDF version of routes.

Login issues

If you are having trouble logging into E-link please try these before contacting the Transportation department.

  1. Does your student have a common name?  Try adding a 1 after their name.  For example:  john.smith.1
  2. Make sure you used the correct password format (MMDDYYYY).

If you are still having issues logging in, please email Transportation.

Activity Routes

Activity routes are open to all students. Students and parents will need to look at the routes for their school and choose the route and stop location that is closest to their home address. Activity route stops are like metro stops with a few stops throughout the neighborhoods. Students may need to walk some distance from the activity route stop to their home address. Students will need to go to their school office to get a pass to ride an activity route.