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Versatrans My Stop app Information

My Stop app is now available for tracking your student’s bus.

Transportation has a new tool that allows you to view the estimated time of arrival for your student's bus.

GPS technology allows families to approximate the location of their school buses and the estimated time of arrival for a specific stop. (Data on the app refreshes every 5 minutes.) It is possible that your bus could arrive at the stop before the estimated arrival time because of the time it takes the system to refresh. As a reminder, buses are subject to early or late arrivals based on several factors including traffic, stop lights, inclement weather and more. We always encourage riders to arrive at their stop at least five minutes before their bus stop time to ensure getting on the bus. If the driver is using a sub bus due to mechanical issues with the regular bus, the app may not work as it takes awhile to update the route and bus information.

Using My Stop

You can access My Stop directly by downloading the Versatrans My Stop app on your mobile device.

To access My Stop via app:

1. Download the app to your apple or android device.

2. Open the app and select Issaquah School District from the dropdown menu and click "OK".

3. Use the same login information you use for Elink to login to the app.

Login information for Versatrans My Stop

Your username will follow this format: studentfirstname.studentlastname

If the student has more than one first or last name, the system will put a space between the names for login.


   - jennifer.lang for a student named "Jennifer Lang"

    -jennifer.lang smith for a student named "Jennifer Lang Smith"

Your password will be the student's date of birth in this format: MMDDYYYY . Please note that the password does not contain any dashes or periods.


     -03152015 for a student born on March 15, 2015

Click the student drop-down button to display a list of all the students in your family.

Select the child whose bus route information you want to view. A map displays with your child’s bus route and current bus location.                                                            

Families will see a green line that represents the school bus route; a red dot that represents the student's designated stop; and a yellow arrow that represents the bus route/direction. Users are able to zoom in and out and change the display of the map.

Note: The Onscreen map will display a position for all vehicles that are currently transmitting GPS coordinates.

If you have difficulty logging into the app, please contact the Transportation Department at or 425-837-6333.