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Kindergarten Readiness Guide

kindergarten shelves with books and stuffed animals and %22read%22 sign

All children grow at their own pace. They all have unique strengths and skills to work on!

Use this guide as a resource to identifying opportunities to learn and grow. Students will continue to work on these skills in kindergarten!

Independence and Health Skills to Develop Before Starting School

  • Uses the toilet, washes hands, and blows nose independently.
  • Packs backpack and puts on coat and shoes independently.
  • Opens snack and food containers and eats independently.
  • Start a consistent bedtime and morning routine before school starts.

If you have concerns about your child's development, talk to your preschool teacher, pediatrician, or contact Issaquah ChildFind at 425-837-7197 / childfind@issaquah.wednet  

Kindergarten Timeline of 23-24 Events

Click here to view Kindergarten Registration Events for the 23-24 school year

Kindergarten Readiness Areas

How can I help my child prepare for kindergarten?