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Science Technology Magnet Program

Science Technology  Program Lottery was completed on 4/20/22

What happens now?

  • All Permission to Place forms have been received. The Science Tech class at each site is complete.
  • If and when spots open up at any of the sites, the next family on the waitlist for the site with an open spot will be contacted. 
  • If openings occur over the summer, transfers will be completed in mid-to late August when school office staff have returned to work.  

Lottery Videos

What if we did not get an email with our student's lottery ticket number?

If you did not receive an email prior to the lottery with your student's lottery ticket number please check your spam folder.  If the email is not in the spam folder, please, email us to let us know so that we can look into the issue and correct it.  Please email with your student's full name so we can follow up.  Our office sent emails to all participating families with the lottery results after the lottery was conducted. We want to correct any email issues to ensure families get the information.  We also want to learn from this year as we  prepare for next year. 

This is the first year that we have conducted the lottery virtually and the first year we have sent lottery ticket numbers to families through email.  For confidentiality reasons we are unable to use existing student ID numbers for the lottery.  For this reason, we assigned random lottery ticket numbers to students. Thank you.



Resources and Forms

 Science Technology Magnet Program Overview

The Science Technology Magnet Program AT A GLANCE:

  • Option program for 4th and 5th grade students in the Issaquah School District located at Briarwood, Cascade Ridge and Clark Elementary Schools.
  • Enrollment determined by lottery during the spring of the 3rd grade year. 
  • Students transfer to the new school site and make new friends.
  • Standard, district adopted curriculum used including specialists for P.E., music, library​.
  • Focus on community, collaboration, creativity & personal connections to real world applications.​
  • STEM focused virtual and in-person field trips.
  • Students with IEP’s will have scheduled pull-out times that align with their minutes.​
  • Students in SAGE will continue with SAGE services at the new school site​.
  • Includes grade level district programs like 5th grade F.L.A.S.H.
  • SBA testing (+WCAS Science for 5th grade) is given.
  • Behavior expectations for the classroom & school are the same as any school in district.
  • Siblings may transfer and remain at the Science Technology Magnet School site until the Science Tech. student completes 5th grade. At that time they must return to the neighborhood or apply for a transfer. 
  • Students return to their neighborhood middle and high school.
  • Parents must transport students. Contact list is shared to assist parents with arranging carpools.

WHAT MAKES the Science Technology Magnet Program a STEM PROGRAM?

  • The Science Technology Magnet Program provides students the opportunity to develop a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics competencies over the course of their 4th and 5th grade years. 
  • Research shows that children need educational experiences in which adults foster and guide their innate curiosity and ways of thinking about the world into formal learning experiences that allow them to develop meaningful understandings of STEM disciplines.
  • While the teachers use the district adopted curriculum, STEM is integrated through all content areas. 
  • There is a focus on our community and students are given opportunities to be problem solvers and change makers.
  • STEM is our culture, not a curriculum. 


  • Two-year, multi-age integrated program​ for the 4th and 5th grade years.
  • Team teaching approach (2 teachers) in 2 joined classrooms.​ (50 students)
  • Lottery structured to ensure that the students in the class represent all schools from across the district.
  • Leadership and mentoring from older students.​
  • Deeper, extended coverage of science curriculum and additional science units.​
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)/Inquiry-Based Learning.​
  • Units and projects involving engineering and  the Engineering Design Process. ​
  • Technology integration across all content areas.
  • Focus on 21st century skills and dispositions necessary for post high-school success such as collaboration, critical thinking creativity, and communication.​
  • Thoughtfully planned in-person and virtual field trips to enhance learning.
  • In-person and virtual guest teachers and speakers. ​​
Contact the Science Technology Magnet Program

Phone: 425-837-7120

Department Email:

Science Technology Magnet Program Staff:

Director, Page Perey

Assistant to the Director, Unfilled

Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA): Lori Shimizu

Address: Issaquah School District | Science Technology Magnet Program | 5150 220th Ave SE | Issaquah, WA 98029