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Summer School and Enrichment Courses

Enrollment for Pre-K and Kindergarten through Grade 5 Summer School 2022 is now closed.

PreK-5 Elementary Summer School by Invitation Only

The Issaquah School District will continue to offer a free in-person Pre-K-5 Summer School program in July 2022.  Elementary Pre-K-5 Summer School registration will be by invitation only. Elementary principals will work with their teams to determine the students most in need of summer school by reviewing multiple academic, engagement, and social emotional data points gathered throughout the year. The kindergarten screener date will be used to identify students who would most benefit from a preschool experience to provide a jump-start prior to kindergarten.

  • Save the Date: 2022 PreK-5 Elementary Summer School will be July 5, 2022 thru July 29, 2022.
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Programs will be located at Apollo Elementary, Clark Elementary, and Cedar Trails elementary schools.
  • Transportation will be provided.
  • Registered students will attend in-person, following guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation from the Washington state Department of Health and Public Health -- Seattle & King County.
  • The number of students invited to participate will be based on the number of staff we are able to hire to meet required staff-to-student ratios.
  • Our first invitations will be sent:
    • the week of April 4 for K-5th grade.
    • the week of May 2 for Pre-K.
  • Families will have a week to respond to secure their spot
  • Space is limited and we will continue to invite students each week until all spaces are filled.


For more information about PreK-5 Summer School, contact Dana Belshaw  (425.837.7096/