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Transition to Kindergarten

Kindergarten students sit with teacher and read book together

Transition to Kindergarten (formerly known as Transitional Kindergarten) is a free PreK program for children who need additional preparation to be successful when they enter kindergarten the following year.  Students qualify through an application and screening process and are eligible based on financial, academic, and/or social-emotional needs. Transition to Kindergarten will focus on essential academics, social-emotional skills, and learning habits to empower children as they launch into their academic journey. 

When and Where:

Transition to Kindergarten is scheduled to begin in September of the 2024-2025 school year. 

  • Program Locations: Apollo Elementary, Briarwood Elementary, Clark Elementary, Discovery Elementary, and Newcastle Elementary. 
  • Duration (days/time):  Monday – Friday. Same bell schedule and calendar as K-12 programs. 


Eligibility Considerations:

Children must be at least 4 years old by August 31 of the school year and currently live within the boundaries of the Issaquah School District.  Eligibility is determined through the application and screening process.  Space is limited, and priority is given to children who demonstrate the most need for additional preparation prior to entering kindergarten. 

Transition to Kindergarten Eligibility Considerations: 

  • Child demonstrates academic, and/or social-emotional needs.
  • Child lacks access to high-quality early learning group experiences
  • Families who are impacted by limited family income may be eligible for free preschool through Transition to Kindergarten or ECEAP.  We will work with your family to determine eligibility. 
  • Currently live within the boundaries of Issaquah School District. Attendance Map

Placement:  Home address determines the site-location. 

Transportation: District transportation is provided 

Tuition: Free 

Enrollment Information:  Students qualify through a screening process and are eligible based on financial, academic, and/or social-emotional needs.

Program Contact

Lori Shimizu 
Elementary Special Programs TOSA 

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Heather Ross
Assistant to Elementary Special Programs


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