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Family Engagement Conferences

Family Engagement Conferences at Elementary Schools


The Issaquah School District recognizes that families are our partners in education and are committed to ensuring opportunities for teachers and parents to communicate and discuss student needs to ensure student success. Family Engagement Conferences are an opportunity to meet one on one and talk to your child’s classroom teacher to build a relationship and a partnership as we work together during the remote learning school year.

Conferences will be held for all students in grades 1 to 5. Meetings, approximately 15 minutes, may be in person, or over Zoom or Teams. Families will be responsible for scheduling conference times. Teachers and schools will inform parents when parents can start scheduling their conference in Family Access. Please inform your teacher if you need an interpreter. An interpreter will be available at the meeting at no cost to the family.

How can you prepare:

  • Check with the teacher, school’s website or Weekly Bulletins for the exact date and time for families to schedule the conference in Family Access (Conference Schedule link in Family Access).
  • Watch for an email with questions that the classroom teacher may ask and discuss at the conference (see below for possible questions that may be discussed).
  • Share information to help teachers best support student and family during remote learning.

Curriculum night may be held in person at each school this month, check the school’s website, Weekly Bulletins or with your child’s teacher for the date. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled typically the first week of December for parents and teachers to discuss the child’s academic progress during the first trimester. Kindergarten parents met with Kindergarten teachers for the WA-Kids state required meetings in early September (before Kindergarten started).

Please share if your family is in financial need of school supplies, books to read at home, laptops, and/or Wi-Fi to use during remote learning so that the teacher may pass this information to school district staff that can assist you.

If you need help scheduling your appointment, please let your teacher or the Family Liaison know so that they can assist you.

Possible questions teachers may ask you or you can share at the engagement conference. A survey from teacher may be sent prior to the conference.

Communication Support:

  • What language do you want to receive information and communication in?
  • Do you need an interpreter when we are having conversations or conferences? The interpreter will be provided free of charge by the school.
  • What is the best way to reach your family? (Email or phone call)
  • What phone number and/or email address is the best way to get a hold of you?
  • What is the best time during the work/school day to reach your family?

Building Relationships:

  • What name does your student like to be called?
  • Does your student have any siblings at home?
  • Does your student feel nervous or reluctant about participating in online meetings?
  • What are your student’s strengths and what are their challenges?
  • What is going well for you with remote learning so far this school year?
  • What support with remote learning will you need this year to be successful?


  • Based on your family schedule, what are the best days and times during the school day to do a check-in with you and your student?
  • Is there anything else you would like me to know about your child that would assist me in supporting their learning?

Teachers want to make sure your student has everything they need to engage in remote learning successfully. Thank you for your support and partnership!