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High School Continuum of Services

Experiencing the Secondary Highly Capable Program

As part of the Issaquah School District Highly Capable Program for secondary students, we offer a variety of options to meet the needs of students. Within these program options, our goal is to provide students with academic acceleration and rigor. These options include, but are not limited to: Honors classes, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), Running Start, College in the High School, and online courses. In addition to these options, secondary students also receive additional academic and targeted social/emotional support from school counselors.


Program Goals

To develop the special abilities of each student by offering appropriate instructional programs to meet the needs of the Issaquah School District’s most highly capable students.

Goal 1: Intellectual/Academics

To expand academic attainments and intellectual skills, stimulate intellectual curiosity, independence and responsibility, and provide opportunities within the course offerings for students to develop originality and creativity.

  • Middle School Objectives: Students will self-select classes with counselor support. Academic options include, but are not limited to:
    1. Advanced Language Arts
    2. Math classes with compacted content and pacing
    3. Two different science pathways


Fifth grade MERLIN and SAGE students who would like to take CC8/Algebra 1 in 6th grade take the Exceptional Placement math test in the spring of their 5th grade year.   See all middle school course and program options here: Middle School Course and Program Options.

  • High School Objectives: Students will self-select classes with counselor support. Options include, but are not limited to:
    1. Advanced Placement (AP) classes
    2. Honors classes
    3. International Baccalaureate (IB)
    4. College in the High School
    5. Running Start
    6. Online courses
    7. Dual Credit Courses with Renton Technical College


See all high school course and program options.

Goal 2: Social/Emotional:

To develop a positive attitude towards self and others and to counseling support for social/emotional needs that may be specific to secondary students with a highly capable designation.

  • Objectives: Students will:
    1. Engage in annual student driven goal setting
    2. Partake in an annual survey to determine academic and social/emotional needs
    3. Attend check-ins with school counselors
    4. Take advantage of targeted support as identified

Qualifying for the Secondary Highly Capable Program

Students who were selected for Highly Capable services in 3rd-5th grade (beginning in the 2013-2014 school year) continue to be able to access Highly Capable Program options and do not need to be re-referred.

Referral At the Secondary Level

Students may be referred for Highly Capable Program consideration during the referral window.

Students who enroll after the referral window may be referred within ten (10) business days from the enrollment date.