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2nd Grade Testing

Important Dates

  • Cognitive, creativity and academic assessments will take place in January and March.
  • Assessments will occur during the school day at your student's assigned school.  
  • Private/home school students will follow the same timeline, and assessments will take place at the neighborhood ISD school.
  • For eligible students SAGE (pull out)or MERLIN (self-contained) services will begin in the third grade year.
  • Once students are identified in their 2nd grade year, they continue in the program through grade 12, unless they exit from the program.
  • Please ensure that contact information Family Access is current.
  • Sign up for the Weekly Bulletin to receive timely information about Highly Capable Screening for kindergarten and second grade students.


Timeline 2021-22  
  • January 8 -11 
    • Cognitive testing with full CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) 
    • Creativity Testing with TTCT (Torrance Test of Creative Thinking)
  • March 8 -11
    • Achievement testing with Iowa Achievement Test (reading, vocabulary, math and computation only)
  • Mid-May
    • Notification of eligibility to families via email and Family Access