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Kindergarten Screening & Testing

Kindergarten Universal Screening and Testing


  • The CogAT Screener test Form 7 Level 7 is administered to all kindergarten students. Based on the results, some students will progress to full testing.
  • Students who  progress to full testing will take the full Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT)
  •  i-Ready Math and Reading is replacing the IOWA Achievement test for kindergarten students who move forward to full testing beginning this year as the content assessment.   
  • Assessments will occur during the school day at your student's assigned school.  
  • Eligible students will begin Highly Capable Services in the Primary Enrichment Program (pull-out) in late  February/early March.
  • Please ensure contact information in Family Access is current.
  • Sign up for the Weekly Bulletin to receive timely information about Highly Capable Screening.

Timeline for 2022-23 

Phase 1: November  2 - 4  CogAT Screener Test for all kindergarten students

  • All kindergarten student take the Cognitive Abilities (CogAT) Screener Test in classrooms during the school day.
  • Screening emails alerting families to check results posted on Family Access sent out to all participants in early December.

Phase 2: December 5 - 9 Full CogAT for eligible students

  •  Full cognitive (CogAT) testing for some kindergarten students who are eligible based on the CogAT Screener Test results.

Phase 3 January and February 2023:  i-Ready


  • Will take i-Ready Reading and Math Assessments in the classroom with peers during the district windows.
  • The K-5 i-Ready Reading testing window is January 12-26. The K-5 i-Ready Math testing window is February 6-17.
  • Staff will be trained to provide a standard testing environment and follow a standardized implementation plan.


  • Will take i-Ready test at the ISD Administration Building.
  • Wednesday, January 18 - Reading.
  • Wednesday February 8 - Math.
  • Logistics will be shared directly by email with participating families.

Late February

  • Eligibility decisions made and shared with families by email.

Late February/Early March

  • Services for eligible students begin


October 2022

Re: Universal CogAT Screener Testing for kindergarten students

To the families of Issaquah School District kindergarteners:

Universal kindergarten CogAT screener testing for High Capable Program eligibility determinations will take place in all elementary schools November 2 through November 4. The Issaquah School District screens ALL kindergarten students for the Highly Capable Program so there is no need for individuals to refer a student. Please note:  Results from outside testing agencies are not accepted for entry into the Highly Capable Program. CogAT screener test results are not subject to appeal.

Additional Important information:

  • Limited make-ups for students who miss testing due to illness, family emergency will take place Nov. 7 - 10.
  • Opting out: If you do not want your student screened for the Highly Capable Program, please complete the Opt-out Form on the Issaquah School District Highly Capable Program web page. The Opt Out form must be completed by October 21.
  • New this year: Private school and home based families will register their students to participate by completing an online form on the Highly Capable Program web page. Testing will still take place at the neighborhood school. Once families have registered, school staff will contact them to share the testing schedule. Registration forms must be completed by October 21.

 Information about the Highly Capable Eligibility Process and Program

The Issaquah School District Highly Capable Program provides a continuum of services to eligible students in grades K-2 that provides students with academic enrichment and added rigor.  

K-2 Primary Enrichment Program (PEP)

Students who meet eligibility assessment criteria for the Highly Capable Program are offered placement in PEP.  PEP is a pull-out/push-in program offered at all ISD elementary schools. Eligible kindergarten students attend PEP classes (beginning in the second half of their kindergarten year) for 30 minutes per week for math services and receive differentiated reading instruction in their classroom. Students who test academically and cognitively at an exceptionally high level in the areas of reading, math, verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative abilities are possible candidates for PEP. 

 The kindergarten eligibility process has two phases:

Phase 1: The Cognitive Abilities Screening Test (CogAT Screener) form 7 will be given in all kindergarten classrooms November 2nd, 2rd and 4th. CogAT Screener Test scores will be available in Family Access by mid-December

Phase 2: Using the score results from the CogAT screener test, students at the highest achievement level will be selected to participate in full eligibility testing in the neighborhood December 5th through 9th.  Make-ups are scheduled for December 12th and 13th .  Make-ups cannot be accommodated outside of the testing window. CogAT Screener Test scores will be available in Family Access by mid-December.  Full eligibility testing uses the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) form 7 in verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative and i-Ready math and reading scores. You will be notified in late November or early December if your student has qualified for further testing. Notification will include a family permission form.  Testing will occur in the school during the school day.

In late February, the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) will review students’ assessment results from full eligibility testing to determine possible selection for the Highly Capable Program. After that an email which will include information about the student’s score report, notification of the student’s eligibility status for admission into the Highly Capable Program for the 2022-2023 school year, and if applicable, a Permission to Place.

Please do not contact the Highly Capable Program office or your school prior to receiving your student’s score report and eligibility letter, which will arrive in late February. The committee does not make final placement decisions prior to this time. Please the Issaquah School District Highly Capable Program Continuum of Services and how to file an appeal. Go to:


All students will be retested in the spring of second grade to determine eligibility for the Highly Capable Program in grades 3-5. Second grade assessment results for students already qualified for services in the Primary Enrichment Program will be used to determine appropriate placement decisions for grades 3-5.



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