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New Student Referral

Who is eligible for New Student Referral?  

New Student Referral is for students who enroll and are attending in the current school, after the September Referral window closes on September 15. New Student Referrals are due within ten (10) school days of enrollment date.  

Note: New student referrals are NOT accepted for incoming 2023-2024 kindergarteners or second grade students as they are universally tested in the school year. You must be enrolled and attending.  

How to refer a student:

  • Students must be currently enrolled and attending in the district in order to submit a referral. 
  • All referrals will be screened to determine possible eligibility for the Highly Capable Program. 
  • The referring individual must submit copies of prior school-based testing, assessment, and report card information to inform the screening process (results from private testing agencies and/or individuals will not be accepted).
  • You may attach additional pages to this referral form and send them to our office via mail to the Highly Capable Program Office: “Issaquah School District - 5150 220th AVE SE, Issaquah, WA 98029” OR email the Highly Capable Email address: 
  • It is the referring individual’s responsibility to provide the evidence requested above to show that the student is likely highly capable. 
  • If sufficient evidence is not provided, then eligibility testing will not be offered. Please note, additional information/documents provided will not be returned.
  • If your student is selected for eligibility by the Multi-Disciplinary Committee to test, you will be notified via email. 
  • Students who meet the screening criteria will be assessed prior to the beginning of the next school year.)

How to submit evidence:

It is the responsibility of the referring individual to submit evidence showing that the referred student is potentially highly capableAll referrals will be screened. Some will be invited to test.

Examples of evidence that is accepted include but are not limited to any or all of the items listed below:

  • Prior school based or state testing.
  • Standardized assessments.
  • Report cards.
  • Gifted/Highly Capable eligibility and placement letters from previous district.

Teacher recommendations and private testing done by psychologists and paid for by the family are not considered. 

There are several ways to submit evidence:

 1. Mail to or drop off evidence at:  

Highly Capable Program
Issaquah School District
5150 220th Ave SE
Issaquah WA, 98029

2. Scan and email to: (PDF's only.  Pictures are NOT accepted because they are often blurry and not legible.)

NEED HELP? Contact our office if you need assistance with this process or a translator.  Call 425-837-7120.


Please contact the Highly Capable Program Office:

ATTENTION: You MUST press the SUBMIT button in order to send this referral to the Highly Capable Program office.  After pressing SUBMIT you will immediately see a screen that confirms that the referral was submitted and you will receive an email with a copy of your referral to the email address you provided.  

Refer a Student