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September Referral

September Referral 

Who is eligible to be referred during the 2024-2025 September Referral?

  • Students who are newly enrolled and actively attending in the district and who did not participate in the New Student Referral.
  • Continuing students who have not previously qualified for services and for whom at least one year has passed since the last testing session.
  • Students who have been identified as Highly Capable in other districts must submit a referral through the September Referral process.  Referral serves as the district's "transfer" process.

Sign up to for the Issaquah School District's Bulletin to received information on when the September Referral Window will open for the 2024-2025 school year.  

What if I still have evidence to submit for the referral?

You may complete the application first, but applications and evidence are due/post dated by 4:00 PM 9/15/24.

Who may refer students to the Highly Capable Program?

Family members, community members and school staff may use this form to refer students to the Highly Capable Program.

Who is not eligible to be referred?

Referrals are not accepted for:

  • Students who were tested for the ISD Highly Capable program in the past year.
  • Students already identified for the Highly Capable Program and being served.
  • Students not actively enrolled in an ISD Boundary School or living outside the Boundaries. 
  • Incoming Kindergarten and Second grade students as they are universally screened during the school year. 

What is the process and timeline?

  • All referred students will be screened by the district's Multidisciplinary Selection Committee.  
    • Screening decisions will be emailed to families. Make sure your primary email address in Family Access is current and check your spam folder before contacting the Highly Capable Office.
  • Testing dates will be, TBD for 2024-2025 but shortly following the 9/15 application deadline.
  • Eligibility and placement decisions can be expected via email mid-December.
  • Students will begin receiving services as soon as results are communicated to families and Permission to Place forms have been submitted for eligible students.

Other Testing information:

  • Assessments used to determine eligibility are the Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT), The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT) and i-Ready Math and Reading. The i-Ready for elementary students and IOWA for Secondary students.
  • The CogAT and TTCT are paper and pencil tests and must be mailed to the test vendor for scoring.
  • i-Ready is administered by the classroom teacher during the school day.

Do I need to submit evidence?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the referring individual to submit evidence showing that the referred student is potentially highly capable. All referrals will be screenedSome will be invited to test.

Examples of evidence that is accepted include but are not limited to any or all of the items listed below:

  • Prior school based or state testing.
  • Standardized assessments.
  • Report cards.
  • Gifted/Highly Capable eligibility and placement letters from previous district.

Teacher recommendations and private testing done by psychologists and paid for by the family are not considered.  

How to submit evidence:

1. Mail to or drop off at:  

Highly Capable Program, Issaquah School District, 5150 220th Ave SE, Issaquah WA, 98029

2. Scan and email to: (PDF's only.  Pictures are NOT accepted because they are often blurry and not legible.)

NEED HELP? Contact our office if you need assistance with this process or a translator.  Call 425-837-7120.


  •  Online referral form and evidence is due by 9/15 at 4:00 PM.   


Please contact the Highly Capable Program Office: