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Language Access Plan

The Issaquah School district offers free language services to individuals with limited English proficiency.

Know Your Rights!

Parents Rights in Terms of Language Access.

Parents have the right to receive important information from schools in a language they can understand. Issaquah School District must provide interpretation and/or translation services, when needed, to communicate with parents who have limited English (including parents with limited speaking, listening, reading or writing fluency in English).

More information on Language Access Rights can be found at the following links:


These Are Your Rights!

Under state and federal civil rights laws, you have the right to access information in your language. Please know that the school may not retaliate against you or your child for sharing concerns or filing a complaint.

Language Access Plan Guide

District Contacts

Mayumi Johnson

Language Access Coordinator
Phone: 425-837-7217

Lesha Engels 

Executive Director of Communication and Digital Strategy
Phone: 425-837-7004