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ALE (Alternative Learning Experience)

Fall 2024

Assigned Periods

  • Period 1 & 7 (Issaquah High, Liberty High and Skyline High)
    • Credit Recovery: Period 7 only
  • Period 4 (Gibson Ek)

**Students may not be on campus during their assigned class period, except at Gibson Ek. Students and families are required to provide transportation in the morning and/or afternoon.**

Course Information

  • Accelerate teacher assigned to student
  • ISD Mentor assigned to student
  • Coursework remote
    • No live streaming
    • Self-directed
  • Module Unit Tests and Final Test in person, except PE and elective courses.
  • Students are required to attend one of the required zoom orientations for the September 6 course start date:
    • Tuesday, September 3 at 6pm
    • Wednesday, September 11 at 6pm
    • Thursday, September 12 at 7pm
    • Students who do not attend one of the orientation sessions will be dropped from the course. All drop policies will be in effect. 
  • Required Weekly Check-ins*
  • Required Monthly Progress Reviews**

Course Start and End Date

  • 1st Start Date: Friday, September 6, 2024
  • End Date: Monday, January 13, 2025

Credit Recovery

  • Students taking an ISD Online Learning course for ‘credit recovery’ as an off campus (ALE) student will be required to:
    • Have a Zoom meeting with the Online Learning Coordinator to review program expectations by the first week of the course start date. 
    • Set up a weekly in person support session with Online Learning Coordinator, which will begin the week of September 9.

*Required Weekly Check-ins (WAC 392-550-025(2))

  • Students communicate each week with their Online Learning Mentor via email, Zoom, Canvas, phone or in person.
    • Students/families receive an email/Canvas message/phone call reminder if we haven't heard from the student over the course of the week.
    • Students may be placed at the District Admin office if they are unable to complete their weekly check-ins. District transportation not provided. 
    • Failure to complete more than three (3) weekly check-ins over the course of the semester and/or miss two (2) consecutive weekly check-ins will be ineligible for future enrollment in the program. 

**Required Monthly Progress Review (WAC 392-550-025(3))

  • Student’s grade to date must be 60% or higher to earn Satisfactory.
  • Students are notified if they are Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory by email on specific dates.
    • Parent/guardian and OL Coordinator will be cc'd on Canvas message.
  • Students are required to reply to email (this also counts as the student’s weekly check-in).
    • Students who earn Unsatisfactory #1 will:
      • Schedule a one (1) hour support session with their mentor once a week. 
      • Support sessions will take place via Zoom or in person.
      • Attendance will be taken.
    • Students who earn Unsatisfactory #2 (consecutively) will:
      • Be placed on campus with their mentor at the District Admin Building once a week for a two (2) hour session to work on their course with the ISD Online Learning Department.
      • Attendance will be taken.
      • District transportation not provided.
    • Students who earn Unsatisfactory #3 (consecutively) will:
      • Be placed on campus with their mentor at the District Admin Building twice a week for a two (2) hour session to work on their course with the ISD Online Learning Department.
      • Attendance will be taken.
      • District transportation not provided.
  • Monthly Progress Review Dates:
    • To be determined

Students who fail to attend more than one (1) required support session and/or receive an Unsatisfactory #3 will be ineligible for future enrollment in our program. The district is unable to collect state funding when a student is marked with Unsatisfactory #3. 

Drop Policy

  • Up until Day 5: Student may drop with no grade penalty
  • Day 6-20: Student will receive a W on transcript
  • Day 21 or after: Student will receive a F on transcript

Final Grade

  • Students will earn a letter grade for their course (A-F), unless they are taking a Prescriptives course (Pass/Fail).
  • Final course grade will be placed on the student's high school transcript. 


  • No fee
  • Students are required to complete an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Student Participation Agreement by due date.

Proctored Testing

  • Module Unit Tests and Final Test are in person.
  • Please visit our Testing page to learn more. The Fall 2024 testing page will be similar to Spring 2024 page. (*Fall 2024 testing page will be available by August 15.)

Home-Based Instruction vs ALE Program

In accordance with the Alternative Learning Experience Implementation Standards, reference WAC 392-550, prior to enrollment, parent(s) or guardian shall be provided with documentation attesting to the understanding of the difference between Home-Based Instruction (homeschooling) and enrollment in a public school Alternative Learning Experience (ALE). Please read the Summary Description to learn more. 

Important NoteIf a student fails an Online course, consistently fails to follow off campus (ALE) Online Learning participation requirements, and/or consistently fails to follow Online Learning policies they will be unable to enroll in future online courses with ISD Online Learning.