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Using Your Phone to Scan Documents

Scanning Work

Students can either print out the assignment or use a separate sheet of paper to complete their work by hand. Once a student has completed their handwritten assignment, they should scan the page(s) and upload them to their computer as a PDF file. If a student does not have access to a traditional scanner, they can use a smartphone app such as CamScanner:

Step 1: Use your smartphone to download the free CamScanner app from the app store. You may need to register using your email address or phone number before using the app.

Step 2: Open the app and tap the camera icon to get started.

Step 3: Be sure the bottom slider is set to Single page mode, then tap the camera icon to take a picture of the first page of your document. Resize the photo by outlining the page with the blue box. Tap the check mark icon to accept the image, or go back to try again.

Tip: If the picture is too dark, you can turn on the flash to make it brighter.

Step 4: Once you have scanned the first page of the assignment, click Continue to add another page, or Done if you are finished.

Step 5: After you have scanned each page of your assignment, you can tap the Share or Email icons to send the document to yourself.

Step 6: Submit your assignment to your teacher (see Submit a Teacher Scored Assignment).