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Weekly Progress Report from Apex Learning

Weekly Reports

Every Sunday you will receive an automated email from Apex Learning Support with a progress update for your student. This document is to provide explanation of the Apex email with screen shots.

The Grade to Date score reflects the average grade of all the assignments that the student has submitted and the Apex teacher has graded. If an assignment is overdue, it will count as a 0% until the assignment has been submitted and graded. If an assignment has been submitted by the student, but not graded, it will count as an overdue assignment. Overdue/submitted assignments negatively impact a student's Grade to Date score. 

The Quality of Work grade reflects only work that has been graded. It does not include overdue assignments.

Click Detail Report and a new window will open and give you detailed information such as:
  • Activities Completed
  • Course Access Log
  • Activities Overdue or Not Yet Scored
  • Activities Due This Week