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Fall 2022

Assigned Periods

  • Period 7 (BLMS, CMMS, MMS, PCMS, & PLMS)
  • Period 8 (IMS)

Course Information

  • Apex teacher assigned to student
  • ISD mentor assigned to student
  • Coursework remote
    • No live streaming
    • Self-directed 
  • Computer Scored Tests (CSTs) - Remote
  • Teacher Scored Tests (TSTs) - In Person
  • Weekly progress reports sent out by ISD mentor

Drop Policy

  • Up until Day 10: Student may drop with no grade penalty
  • Day 11-20: Student will receive a ‘W’ on transcript
  • Day 21 or after: Student will receive a ‘F’ on transcript

Final Grades

  • Final course grade will automatically be placed on the high school transcript. Parent/guardian has the option to remove the final course grade from the student’s high school transcript once the student enters high school.
  • Final course grade will be placed on the middle school transcript and count towards the student’s middle school GPA. There is no option to remove this course from the middle school transcript. 


Refund Policy

  • Before start of course: Drop with full refund ($400)
  • Day 1 - Day 14: Drop with partial refund ($300)
  • Day 15 and Beyond: No refund

**Days include weekends and holidays.**

Requirements & Expectations

  • Submit work each week following your course schedule.
  • Complete required Student Orientation.

Proctored Testing

  • Please visit our Testing page to learn more. (*Fall 2022 testing page will be available by mid-August.)

Important NoteIf a student fails an Online course, consistently fails to follow off campus (ALE) Online Learning participation requirements, and/or consistently fails to follow Online Learning policies they will be unable to enroll in future online courses with ISD Online Learning.