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  • Per District Regulation 2410P, for purposes of graduation, no more than 50% of a subject area requirement, no more than 2 credits in one school year, and no more than 4 credits overall can be from outside courses of study and Online Learning.
  • Up to 4 semesters may be taken for Grade Improvement purposes (see your school specific Course Guide).
  • There will be no limit on the number of courses for which a student pursues Grade Improvement if the qualifying grade(s) was earned during a COVID related school closure.
  • Students can choose from online courses on the ISD Online Learning Course Directory page. 
  • All students will participate in an orientation at the start of their class via Zoom. 
  • Students will take all CSTs and their Final Test remotely with a parent/guardian proctor and/or in person during designated testing times. 
  • If a course requires a textbook or materials that are not available at the school, it is the student's responsibility to acquire the item(s).
  • Students receive the actual course grade earned (A-F) on their Issaquah School District transcript. Letter grades are granted as given by the provider and may be different than Issaquah School District's grading scale.
  • Students taking a prescriptive course will receive a "P" or "F" on their transcript. (Note: the NCAA transcripts "P" grades as a "D" or a 1.0 grade point).
  • Families are responsible for determining if the course meets NCAA and college admissions requirements. Not all courses are NCAA approved. More information on NCAA eligibility.
  • If a student fails an online course, consistently fails to follow online learning participation requirements, and/or consistently fails to follow Online Learning policies, they risk being dropped with an 'F', may be placed on campus, and will be unable to enroll in future online courses.
  • High School Level Courses: All high school level courses will be added to a student's high school transcript. Middle school students (7th or 8th grade) taking a high school level course can request to have their grade removed from their high school transcript when they are in high school. However, all middle school students' grades will be put into Skyward and will impact their middle school GPA.
  • Middle School Level Courses: All middle school level courses will be added to a student's middle school academic record and will impact their middle school GPA.
  • Credit for Online courses:

a. Online courses from selected OSPI-approved providers and taught by District teachers will be granted credit in the same manner as other course offerings in the District. (Ex: Online Health during Summer School)

b. Issaquah School District will grant credit only for courses taken through Issaquah School District Online Learning using selected OSPI-approved providers. Credit will be granted in the same manner as other course offerings in the District and in accordance with 2410P.

  • ISD Online Learning follows District Regulation 2024P which is in accordance with OSPI regulations and state law.