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Discussion Activities

Discussions are activities you complete with other students either face-to-face or in an online forum. Discussions are a great way to interact with classmates, reflect on course material, express opinions, and practice communication skills in a less-formal setting. 


Please abide by these guidelines in discussions:

  • Avoid sarcasm and slang. Swear words are unacceptable. Never use derogatory comments, including those regarding race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, political persuasion, body type, physical or mental health, or access issues.
  • Avoid using ALL CAPS. This is perceived as shouting in the online world.
  • Focus your responses on the questions or issues being discussed, not on the individuals involved. Be constructive with your criticism, not hurtful.
  • Review your messages before sending them. Remove easily misinterpreted language and proofread for typos.
  • Respect other people's privacy and never reveal e-mail addresses.

Complete a Discussion Activity

Begin a Discuss activity by reading the instructions. Go to page 2 to use the online discussion forum.