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Your grade in this class will be determined by demonstrating the understanding of the key concepts and skills covered. This will include a combination of assignment types. Apex teachers typically grade assignments within 3 school days; exceptions may occur for a large project. Your Apex teacher will provide your final grade. Individual assignments and a ‘live’ grade are not visible in Skyward. Progress and final grades will be posted in Skyward following the ISD grading timeline. The Apex Grading Scale mirrors the Issaquah School District’s Grading Scale for secondary students.

Grading Scale

A = 93-100%   A- = 90-92%   
B+ = 87-89%   B = 83-86% B- = 80-82%
C+ = 77-79%   C = 73-76% C- = 70-72%
D+ = 67-69%   D = 66-60% F = 0-59%


Viewing Grades

Grade to Date

This is a snapshot in time and takes into account any overdue activities. If an assignment is ‘overdue’, it counts as a ‘0’ until the assignment has been completed. A ‘submitted’ assignment will count towards your ‘overdue’ assignments until it has been graded.

First page of the PDF file: apex_viewing-grades_1


Quality of Work

If you hover over the ‘Grade to Date’, you will see your ‘Quality of Work’ score. ‘Quality of Work’ is the average grade of the assignments you have submitted and that have been graded.


Enrollment Details

Your ‘Enrollment Details’ page is your gradebook. It gives you the list of your assignments, the amount of points the assignment is worth, your score on the assignment, status of the assignment, and the due date. You will click ‘Grade to Date’ and you will be taken to your ‘Enrollment Details’ page.