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Online Learning - Spring 2024

Overview of Online Learning Testing

All students will take their Unit and Final Test in person with an ISD teacher proctor during designated testing sessions. Students can expect to have six (6) unit tests and one (1) final test. Students will be required to sign up. PE Core A, PE Core B and Individual & Team Sports will not have in person testing. Electives (please see course list in our Directory) will also not have in person testing. 

In Person Unit Tests - Days and Times (All Courses)

Testing at SHS and IHS is FULL on 5/23. Walk-ins will not be admitted. Please see options below for testing. 

Thursday, May 23

Tuesday, May 28

Wednesday, May 29

Thursday, May 30

Friday, May 31

Testing Requirements

  • Please be on time to the in person testing session. We will be unable to let you in if you arrive late.
  • Please bring school district laptop with charger, along with any supplies you need to take your tests. 
  • Students must complete and submit all work in a unit before taking an in person test. 
  • All testing must be completed in one session. 
  • Student desks will be clear of all papers, notebooks, backpacks, etc. 
  • If a student brings a cell phone to the testing session, they will be instructed to have the cell phone put in airplane mode, off and/or silenced during the duration of the test. Cell phones will be face down at the top of the desk. 
  • No additional electronics.
  • No notes/books/resources.
  • Math: students may use a graphing or scientific calculator, whiteboard and marker. The testing room will provide whiteboards and markers. 

Testing Retake Policy

Students are eligible to retake a unit test (s) if they scored below an 80%. This includes any module/unit test, not the semester exam. Please see below for process:

  • One retake attempt per unit test is allowed. 
  • Students need to retake their test prior to taking their next unit test. Once they take their next unit test they are unable to go back and previously retake the prior unit test.
  • Students are required to meet with their Accelerate teacher to go through their exam via Zoom. It is the student's responsibility to schedule a meeting with their Accelerate teacher. Accelerate teachers have a booking link on Canvas. Students could also email and/or message their teacher via Canvas to set up a time. 
  • After the student's meeting with their Accelerate teacher, the student will sign up to retake their test during any of the designated testing sessions. 
  • Students can earn up to an 80%, even if they score between an 80.1-100, on their retake. 
  • *The score on the retake will be entered into student's gradebook on Canvas. 

*If the first attempt for the unit test was higher than the retake, the retake score will be the final grade for that unit test.