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Preschool Programs

In Issaquah School District, our teachers prioritize play, imagination, routine, and structure to prepare your child for success in kindergarten and beyond. We offer four preschool programs at multiple locations including full and half-day options, with tuition and tuition-free choices based on your individual family’s needs.

ISD Preschool Programs 

X indicates program type offered at each location

 *indicates program with tuition

Briarwood Elementary Clark Elementary Discovery Elementary Holly Street
Early Learning Center
Newcastle Elementary  Skyline High School 

*ISD Preschool Academy*
5 days a week

Full Day:  8:30am - 2:30pm
4-5 year-olds (+ extended day option: 4:30pm)        X +   X
3-4 year-olds  (8:30am - 2:30pm)        X    

Early Childhood Education (ECE)
4 days a week

Half Day:  9:15am - 12:15pm  /  12:45pm - 3:45pm
ECE Class: 3-5 year-olds - Half Day  X   X X    
*Community Preschoolers* 3-5 year-olds - Half Day X   X X    

Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP)

4 days a week

Half Day 9:15am-12:15pm / 12:45pm-3:45pm

Full Day: 9:15am - 3:45pm

3-5 year-olds - Half Day       X    
3-5 year-olds - Full Day X     X    

Transition to Kindergarten (TK) 
5 days a week 

Full Day: 9:15am  - 3:40pm (Wed 9:15am -1:30pm)
4-5 year-olds - Full Day X X X   X