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After four years in a high school Special Education program, students may enter the Academy for Community Transition, generally at the age of 18.

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During the Spring quarter of their senior year, students may visit the Academy and participate in one or two activities with the current group of students. These students will also meet with the Academy teacher at their current high school to discuss personal vocational and other transitional goals. Then, they and their families may meet with staff to further discuss transition plans and goals.

Once entered into the program, students attend classes Monday through Thursday, following the basic school year calendar. Programming includes class work in functional living skills and practical academic subjects, recreation and fitness activities in the community, METRO training and community trips, group community-based vocational training, and individual employment internships involving a variety of vocational skills.

Students may design individual schedules which includes work and/or work training, classes and activities, and other appropriate post-secondary programs.

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