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  • Develop on-going Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Develop employment training opportunities
  • Encourage development of students' abilities.
  • Assist families in making agency contacts and link parents to support agencies
  • Work with individuals as well as small groups of students
  • Actively communicate and listen to student/family needs


ACT Computer
  • Participate in work-training program
  • Dress appropriately for weather and work
  • Bring Daytimer for tracking money needs and schedules to share with parents
  • Use public transportation, carry METRO Pass and State ID
  • Be a team member and participate in the development of their own IEP
  • Inform staff of individual needs


  • Communicate concerns, changes to staff
  • Check student's Daytimer for schedule and money needs
  • Assist student in daily responsibilities: money, wallet, ID, METRO pass, proper clothing
  • Follow through with Adult Service connections
  • Participate in IEP development


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