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Special Services

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Special Education Overview

Details the referral process, the creation of a child's learning plan (IEP), parental rights, and available community resources.

Special Education Programs

A continuum of services for students from birth to 21 years old, designed to meet their individual needs through a personalized plan.

ISD Special Services "Equity, Inclusion, Innovation"

Support Services and Personnel

Support from within the district. Information on Specialists, Child Find, Hearing and Vision, etc.

Community Resources

External links for families and community. 

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The Issaquah School District Special Services Department exists to serve all students’ diverse needs, using data and strengths-based approaches in collaboration with family and community partners to ensure continuous progress with the expectation that all students have the opportunity to achieve their identified post-secondary goals. 


The Issaquah School District Special Services Department will narrow the opportunity and equity gap, as measured by district and state assessments, district data, and community feedback by 25-30% by the 2024-2025 school year through the provision of inclusive, innovative, and equitable learning opportunities. 

Department Contact Information

General Questions - 425-837-7085

Early Learning (ECE/ECEAP) - 425-837-5170

Elementary Special Education - 425-837-7143

Secondary Special Education - 425-837-7031

Student Records Contact Information

Email - Student Records  /  Fax - 425-837-7029

Early Learning and Elementary - 425-837-7088

Secondary and Transition - 425-837-7167

IEP Meeting Feedback Survey

Below you will find a link to a feedback survey that parents and community team members who attending any type of team meeting (Evaluation, IEP, FBA, BIP, etc.) can complete after the meeting to provide input to the ISD Special Services Department.

Feedback from the survey helps gather invaluable data to assist in continuously improving our practice in support of our students and community. The data shared in the survey is and will remain anonymous in all aspects and will only be used to inform our efforts towards improvements and identifying policy updates, professional development, and areas for support during team meetings.

Parents, guardians, and community team members are encouraged to provide feedback after attending a Special Education meeting (Evaluation, IEP, FBA, BIP, etc.).

IEP Meeting Feedback Survey