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Behavior TOSAs

Who Are Behavior TOSAs?

The ISD Special Services Behavior Team is a partnership of Behavior Analysts and Social Workers. The team offers support to school personal through a collaborative approach to understanding student behavior.


Behavior Analysts: BCBAs have a master's degree in education, psychology, or a related field with specific coursework in behavior analysis. They also complete supervised fieldwork under other BCBAs, pass a certification exam, and maintain their credentials through continuing education each year. 

Social Workers: School-Based Social Workers have a master's degree in social work (MSW). As Clinical Social Workers, they bring a unique expertise around mental health, comorbidity, and trauma-informed practices in schools. They use a variety of therapeutic approaches in their work and connect families to community resources. 


We seek to improve the individual and collective experiences of our students, teams, and families through a synthesized holistic approach using trauma-informed practices and principles of behavior analysis. We strive to keep students at the center of our work by using a strengths-based and equity lens as we practice data-informed decision making, and proactively and systematically support the unique needs of the students we serve. 


Behavior Analysts

Dina Alatorre

Scott Gross

Caitlyn Smith

Rachel Starrin 

Social Workers

Miriam Corlett 

Ryan McGlynn 

Vic Sanford